Johan Bring began to work with film in the early 2000s. During the years he has been using DSLRs a lot but has always missed a comfortable way of holding it. OMMA uses one of the oldest, simplest and brilliant stabilization techniques in the world, the shape of a rifle. You'll get rid of unwanted tiny vibrations often experienced when filming with handheld DSLRs and get more precision.

Shaped from a pine or spruce, treated with linseed oil and wood tar, finalized with a french polish finish.

Comes with a 3x30mm thick leather strap which makes it easy to wear. The camera is mounted by a supplied standard tripod mount screw. A thick metal plate at the bottom and at the camera mount.

The name Omma comes from an ancient story about a creature who lived on top of the mountain Omberg close to the lake V├Ąttern in Sweden. This is where the OMMA is shaped and assembled.

Handheld DSLR

Filmed with OMMA